I am not a foodie.

There, I said it.

In the world of food and nutrition admitting you are not a “foodie” is almost a death sentence. What do you mean you don’t like food? How can you be interested in the world of nutrition if you don’t like food? I’m as baffled by the answers to these questions just as much as anyone else. But the fact remains that somewhere along my educational path I landed into the world of food and nutrition and fell in love. And here is where this blog is born, the tales of someone who loves food without actually liking food.

I, Nicole Melanie, am attempting to become a reformed picky eater.

Growing up I was quickly given the name “Picky Nicci.” Alternatively my mom should have named be Jane because “Plain Jane” was often muttered whenever someone was preparing me a meal. I wasn’t your traditional picky eater, though… I didn’t even like potatoes! And before anyone blames my parents for raising yet another picky child in the world let it be known my mom tried everything in her repertoire to make me eat.  I was, to put it simply, stubborn.

Although picky, I was quite adorable.
Although picky, I was quite adorable.

“If you don’t eat all of your vegetables you won’t get dessert!” Ehh, wasn’t in the mood for ice cream anyways.

Don’t like what I made for dinner? Go to bed hungry!” Okay, I was tired anyways.

“You will not get up from the table until you finish what is on your plate!” Well at least I can see the reflection of the TV in the clock while I sit here all night.

She never gave in to my picky ways, there were no special meals cooked in this house. Over time I learned tricks to ensure I did not go hungry and bowls of cereal became another food group. Something happened as I became older, though, and I expanded the small list of foods I would eat. Slightly. I now happily consume vegetables (as long as they aren’t cooked) and not everything has to be plain and unseasoned. But I still don’t like potatoes.

This blog is for everyone out there who desires to eat fresh, nutritious meals without all of the million exotic ingredients. I cook simple, I cook healthy, and because I am a graduate student, I cook inexpensive! I hope to use this forum as a place to expand my knowledge of cooking and share my love of nutrition. And who knows, maybe one day my palate will become more sophisticated and I will be able to proclaim myself a bonafide foodie.

Ha! who am I kidding, no matter how much I grow to like food, I’ll always be


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